Located amid the stunning San Juan Mountains, Ouray, 科罗拉多州, is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. With its captivating snow-covered scenery, Ouray undergoes a remarkable transformation during the winter season. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in top-notch ice climbing at the renowned Ouray Ice Park, featuring frozen waterfalls, or embark on adventures along pristine snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails.

冬天 in Ouray, 科罗拉多州

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Ouray's charming downtown area offers cozy lodging, delightful dining options, and the natural hot springs to unwind in. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or looking for tranquility, Ouray in winter guarantees an unforgettable getaway that will leave you enchanted and rejuvenated. Plan your winter retreat to Ouray today and discover the enchantment of the season.

Activities to do in the winter
















In-town Activities to do in the winter

Attend events at the wright opera house









  • Always check the weather

  • Always check the road conditions at CoTrip.org

  • Pack chains or autosocks (especially if you don’t have All Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive)

  • Always have extra water, snacks, and blankets in your car


  • Closest airport is Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ), others around the area are Telluride, 杜兰戈州, 及大汇合处

  • If you need a rental car, book in advanced. They could run out during prime time ski season

  • We do have shuttle services available. 请浏览我们的 旅行 page

  • 吉普车Ouray does do rental jeeps with delivery service to Montrose





The right gear for the right occasion

  • The temperature during the winter could be in the single digits some nights, so make sure to pack warm clothes

  • If you are planning to adventure, make sure to pack the right gear if you are not renting


  • Most mornings you will find it bright and sunny

  • Wind can pick up in the afternoons

  • If there is cloud coverage, the evening will be slightly warmer that clear skies

  • Always check the weather for what the forecast is

Hotel room with bed chair and mirror


Don’t miss out on an epic adventure. Make sure you book your room in plenty of time.


Ouray, 科罗拉多州 is all local. You won’t find any chain restaurants here!


Have the dates that you are coming or want to line up your travel with an event? 看一看!


Ouray County Nordic Council

The Ouray County Nordic Council is a division of the Ouray Trails Group, a local community-based, non-profit organization composed of skiing and hiking enthusiasts. The organization is dedicated to encouraging safe, enjoyable hiking and other low-impact outdoor recreational activities in the San Juan Mountains and helping to protect the beauty and other resource values of this area. 请浏览 Ouray County Nordic Council 了解更多信息.

雪崩 Hazards #knowbeforeyougo

The San Juan Mountains are noted for their often unstable snow conditions which, when combined with their steep slopes, makes for extremely hazardous avalanche areas. 雪崩s may occur on almost any slope if loaded with snow, so no terrain is completely risk free. Even small hillocks or roadside grades can pose as much of a hazard to the hiker or skier as the larger, more easily recognized avalanche chutes. 因此, if venturing off the relatively safe groomed trails, you should learn to recognize and avoid potential avalanche slopes and terrain traps, carry and know how to use avalanche beacons, 探针和铲子, 当然, never ski or snowshoe alone. Before setting off on any outing, check out the 科罗拉多州 雪崩信息rmation Center (CAIC) in 杜兰戈州 for current mountain weather, snow and avalanche conditions in this area.

If you don't have the proper equipment, both cross-country can be purchased or rented at Ouray Mountain Sports on Main Street. If you wish to call ahead of time, you can contact them at 970.325.4284.

Remember that venturing into the winter backcountry is inherently hazardous and you are 旅行 at your own risk, even on groomed trails. Prepare yourself accordingly and don't exceed the capability of the least experienced in your party.

Purchase a 科罗拉多州 Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card, available from local merchants for $3 per year, which helps reimburse the local Search And Rescue for rescue costs. Respect private property and historic structures. And, above all, enjoy yourself and our beautiful San Juan Mountains.